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Camping and Caravan Pitch/tent tags

We have various options available including custom designed tags which can be produced on a waterproof and tear proof synthetic material or even tyvek if required.  They can also be colour coded and are suitable for handwriting customer's details and particulars and either tie on or self locking options are available.

Wristbands are also available for event security and other uses, such as pool entry etc.

Clothing Tags

Printed Clothing Labels are cost effective and great for designers or customers that need size and composition labels for their range of clothing.  Manufactured in satin rayon, they give a professional finish to your products. Ideal for T-shirts, dancewear, coats and jackets, Infant wear, footwear and many more.

Forestry / Timber ID tags are another speciality.  Our all weather tags are extremely durable, being able to withstand rain and sun for many months and are suitable for nailing or stapling to the product or even wrapped around (self locking) or supplied ready to tie on..

Horticultural tags are available as individuals, ready to be hand written with product descriptions.  Manufactured from durable weatherproof and tear resistant materials, they are ideal for plant identification.

Machinery and Component Tags usually manufactured using a durable material, or for short term use, a thick card.  Additional options include eyelets and stringing as required depending on the application.

Strong industrial tags, labels and wristbands for all other industries, such as the leisure industry, steel industry, meat and food industry (freezer tags), chemically resistant tags and many more.

Swing Tickets  are available for a wide range of uses such as Abattoir Tags, Addresses, Agriculture, Baggage and Bag Tags, Camp Sites, Christmas Tree Tags, Clothing, Bicycles, Deliveries, Electrical Repair Tags,  Garments, Garden Furniture, Green Fee Bag Tags, Greenhouses, Horticulture, Inspection, Lawnmower Repairs, Luggage, Machinery Service and Inspection, Meat Packers, Meter Inspection, Nurseries, Plants, Refuse Bags, Swing Tickets, Swing Tags, Sacks, Tents and millions of other purposes.

Whatever your use, we can usually manufacture a tag to suit you, whether it is a self tie tag (lockout tag), strung tag or a special custom shape and design.

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